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About Us

                  We are the group of including Parisgold SRL.

             We are from Romania and producing beds, mattresses and customised items as your request.

     PARISGOLD SRL. company with headquarters in VALENII DE MUNTE, STR.BEREVOIESTI, NR.77-79 PRAHOVA 106400, registered at the Trade Register under no. J29 / 887/2001, having unique registration code CUI 14074474, offers you the online purchase service for its products.

     Parisgold Srl. has over 10 years experience in the field of sleeping products.

     We are waiting for you at our headquarters or write to us at Romania, VALENII DE MUNTE, STR.BEREVOIESTI, NR.77-79 PRAHOVA 106400, or contact us at:


     phone: +40 0244 280 443

                         0764 450 320

                            0755 168 636

    - for suggestions, complaints, notifications

    - for questions regarding the order placement procedure, payment methods, delivery s.a.


           SC PARISGOLD SRL online store of products has recently launched and is the store for your home. From beds to bathrobes, we offer the best products through the quality / price ratio, which exists on the Romanian profile market.

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